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District Contact Infomation:

Mr. David Lehman, Superintendent

High School Contact Information:

Mr. Shane Hazenstab, Principal

Mr. William Kanich, Assistant Principal

Elementary Contact Information:

Mrs. Rebecca Castiglione


Mailing Address:

1340 William Penn Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15906

Mailing Address:

1342 William Penn Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15906

Mailing Address:

1340 William Penn Avenue
Johnstown, PA 15906

Phone/Fax Number:

Phone (814) 535-5005
Fax (814) 536-8902

Phone/Fax Number:

Phone (814) 535-5523
Fax (814) 536-4025

Phone/Fax Number:

Phone (814) 535-6970
Fax (814) 536-8370

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The mission of the Conemaugh Valley School District, in cooperation with the community, is to develop life-long learners, responsible citizens, and contributing members of a global society by providing and maintaining a program of diverse educational opportunities in a positive, safe, and caring environment with a commitment to excellence.


Important Date

 2015-2016 School Year Calendar

Updated September 2nd, 2015

As of September 1st: There are no more schedule changes - only those schedules that have a conflict or are/were missing a class were addressed.

Student Council will be hosting an Outdoor Movie Night this Thursday, September 3rd. We will be watching, 'Remember the Titans'. Gates open at 7:30PM at the gym lobby entrance. Cost is $3. Concessions will be available for purchase. Bring your blankets or chairs to watch the movie under the stars.

Student Council members should stop by room 113 to sign up to help with several events. Also, all student council members should plan on staying after school this Friday to begin decorating for Homecoming. We will meet in the auditorium at 1:00pm, and finish at 3:30. Lunch will be provided.

CV is forming two TSA competition teams of 5-8 students to research, design and build a trebuchet to launch a pumpkin the longest distance. One team will be for students in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Their trebuchet will have a maximum weight of 100lbs and maximum height of 70". They will be shooting 2-3 pounds 6" diameter pumpkins. The senior high team will be building a trebuchet with a maximum weight of 500lbs and a maximum height of 10". Their pumpkins will weigh 5-8 pounds and 10" in diameter. If you are interested in becoming a team member contact Mrs. Beiter or Mr. Rob for more information and an application.

Emergency cards are due back to homeroom teachers by Thursday, September 3rd.

The Student Handbook signature sheets (pages 59,60) are due back to homeroom teachers by Thursday, September 3rd.












7:43-7:50 Homeroom
7:53-8:37 1st Period
8:40-9:24 2nd Period
9:27-10:11 3rd Period
10:14-10:58 4th Period
11:01-11:36 "A" Lunch 5th Period - Eat Lunch
11:39-12:25 Class
11:01-11:47 "B" Lunch 5th Period - Class
11:50-12:25 Eat Lunch
12:28-1:12 6th Period
1:15-1:59 7th Period
2:02-2:46 8th Period
Wednesday (Remediation -Not at this time)
7:43-7:50 Homeroom
7:53 - 8:50 Remediation Period
8:53 - 9:22 1st Period
9:25 - 9:54 2nd Period
9:57 - 10:26 3rd Period
10:29 - 10:58 4th Period

Friday (Activity/Remediation)

7:43-7:50 Homeroom
7:53-8:23 1st Period
8:26-8:56 2nd Period
8:59-9:29 3rd Period
9:32-10:02 Activity/Remediation
10:05-10:35 4th Period
10:38-11:08 5th Period
11:11-11:41 6th Period
11:44-12:14 7th Period
12:17-12:47 8th Period

Activity Day



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Clubs & Activities

Remembering Adam
Ski Club
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Alma Mater

Our Alma Mater we do praise thee
for all thy wisdom still
You've given us an education
Our futures to fulfill

Lift high your glorious banners
Raise your voices to the sky
Give praise and admiration to
Conemaugh Valley High!


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Conemaugh Valley School District
District & Elementary Mailing Address: 1340 William Penn Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15906
High School Mailing Address: 1342 William Penn Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15906
Phone Numbers: District (814) 535-5005 | Elementary (814) 535-6970 | High School (814) 535-5523